Become the Only & Obvious Choice in the market– by being different.

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or a new start-up, we work with ambitious, purpose-led business owners get their brand seen, known, and trusted as ‘Different’ with:

— Brand Strategy
— Brand Identity
— Creative Marketing & Design

In order to make that possible, it’s time you challenge ‘same & ordinary’ brand experiences.

What do people expect from your brand, if they’re not looking for the ‘same and ordinary’ experiences typically offered by big brands?

Big brands know that BIG, BOLD, DISRUPTIVE, and AUDACIOUS ideas are what create meaningful and memorable client experiences. That is why we brand ideas differently.

By educating, equipping, and empowering service-based owners like you, we guide you through a branding process that not only gives you clarity in leading your vision, but also stands you out as EXTRAordinary, so you and your team can make an impactful and lasting difference in this world.

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How does Branding Affect Your Bottom Line?

Start by asking yourself, “How much Money am I leaving on the table?”

Ambitious CEOs know that marketing alone ISN’T enough to Increase Sales and Build Unique Value of their already established businesses.

What makes marketing powerful is when it’s interweaved with brand strategy.

Branding helps us pinpoint your business’s weaknesses and strengths, and find opportunities that give your customers an EXTRAordinary and valuable experience.

This can transform them into enthusiastically loyal fans, which is ultimately what your business needs.

We custom-tailor creative solutions to make it all possible:

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Logo Design
• Website Design & Development
• Content Strategy
• Copywriting & Editing
• Promotional Marketing
• Creative Advertising

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Roaring Reviews

“One Of The Best Business Decisions We Have Made.”
“You made it so easy and clear—helping me through every step of my way.”
“The strategic process used to support what we wanted was incredible.”

Christina Fritz –
Numinous Bookkeeping

Kerry Postel –
Abacus Business Solutions

Pam VandenBulck –
Oaks Rising (Freedom Coaching)

“One Of The Best Business Decisions We Have Made.”

Christina Fritz –
Numinous Bookkeeping

“You made it so easy and clear—helping me through every step of my way.”

Kerry Postel –
Abacus Business Solutions

“The strategic process used to support what we wanted was incredible.”

Pam VandenBulck –
Oaks Rising (Freedom Coaching)

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Frequently Asked Questions

A branding agency and a digital marketing agency have distinct roles and functions, but they often overlap and collaborate in certain areas.

Branding Agency

A branding agency specializes in creating and managing a company’s brand. The brand is the overall ‘gut feeling’ or perception that a business aims to convey to its customers. It includes everything from your company logo and visual design, to your voice, values, and many other parts that make up your brand.

Branding agencies like ours are responsible for developing and maintaining a consistent brand identity. This may include:

  • Defining your purpose, vision, mission, and values
  • Target market – audience research
  • Competitive research
  • Market positioning & differentiation
  • Audience and Brand Personas
  • Defining brand words, voice, tone, and messaging
  • Creating logos and visual identity
  • Developing brand guidelines (such as color schemes, typography, etc.)

A branding agency takes a long-term approach, aiming to establish a consistent and memorable presence that resonates with consumers.

Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency concentrates on promoting a company’s products or services through various online channels. While branding focuses on the overall image, digital marketing focuses on reaching and engaging potential customers online.

Digital marketing agencies provide a wide array of online marketing services such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Analytics and reporting

The primary goal of a digital marketing agency is to generate leads, increase sales, and boost online visibility. They use targeted online campaigns and data-driven strategies to reach specific audiences and encourage them to take action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

While we, 28Lions focuses on Branding, we ALSO do marketing, for ourselves AND for our clients. It’s because there are…

Overlapping Areas
While branding agencies and digital marketing agencies have different primary functions, they can often work together or overlap in certain areas. For example:

  • A branding agency might consult on the visual (CREATIVE) aspects of an online advertising campaign.
  • A digital marketing agency might use the brand’s identity and guidelines to craft specific online marketing strategies.

In some cases, a full-service agency might offer both branding and digital marketing services, bridging the gap between the two disciplines.

Although we say we are a branding and marketing agency, we are NOT a full-service agency because we do not offer PPC.

In summary, a branding agency focuses on creating a comprehensive brand identity, while a digital marketing agency emphasizes online promotion and sales. Both are essential for a business, often working in tandem to achieve overall success.

The cost of hiring a branding agency varies widely based on a multitude of factors. These factors include the size and reputation of the agency, the scope and complexity of the project, the duration of the engagement, the market or region, and the specific services required. Here’s a general breakdown:

Hourly Rates (WHAT WE OFFER)
Some branding agencies charge by the hour, especially for consulting or smaller projects. Depending on the agency’s reputation and expertise, hourly rates can range from $50 to over $300.

Our hourly branding and marketing agency rate is $150/hr.

Project-Based Fees (WHAT WE OFFER)
For specific projects, agencies might offer a flat fee. For instance, a logo design project can range from a few hundred dollars for smaller agencies or freelance designers to tens of thousands of dollars for top-tier agencies.

Retainer Fees
Larger organizations or those requiring ongoing branding services might engage an agency on a retainer basis. This means the agency is available for a set number of hours or tasks each month in exchange for a regular fee. Retainers can range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Packages (WHAT WE OFFER)
Some agencies offer bundled services in packages. For example, a startup branding package might include logo design, basic brand guidelines, and some initial marketing materials, all for a set price.

We highly recommend starting with strategy packages before considering the visual identity at the beginning of forming a business.

Percentage of Ad Spend
Though more common with advertising agencies than branding agencies, some firms might charge based on a percentage of the client’s advertising budget.

Value-Based Pricing
Some top-tier agencies might charge based on the perceived value they bring to a company rather than a strict hourly or project-based fee.

Additional Costs
Be aware of potential additional costs. These can include expenses for market research, printing, media buys, travel, or third-party tools and resources. Always ask the agency about potential extra costs upfront.

We include our research into our packages and projects. We also provide proposals and contracts that list everything included.

Location and Market Factors
The region or country where the agency operates can significantly influence prices. For instance, an agency in New York City or London might charge substantially more than one in a smaller city due to higher operating costs and market demand.

We operate remotely.

When considering hiring a branding agency, it’s crucial to clarify what’s included in the quoted price, the expected deliverables, any potential additional costs, and the agency’s process. 

Because branding and marketing have evolved in recent years with the rapid rise of online businesses, we encourage all owners to pursue strategy before diving in with a logo, brand guidelines and social templates right away. You will save TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY.

Branding agencies like our branding and marketing agency offers a myriad of services and expertise to shape, define, and reinforce the brand identity of businesses. They play a vital role in ensuring that a business’s brand aligns with its values, mission, and goals, while also resonating with its target audience. 


  • Create a comprehensive strategy that outlines the brand’s purpose, differentiation, and positioning in the marketplace. This serves as a roadmap for all branding efforts.


  • Design key visual elements like logos, color palettes, and typography to ensure consistency across all touch-points.


  • Help craft the brand’s voice, story, taglines, and key messaging that communicates the brand’s values and proposition to its audience.


  • Conduct research to understand market trends, audience preferences, and competitive landscapes. This data informs the branding strategy and ensures it resonates with the intended audience.


  • Produce a set of guidelines that detail how the brand should be presented across various media. This ensures consistency, which is key to brand recognition and trust.


  • Manage the launch strategy, ensuring a cohesive and impactful unveiling to the market.


  • Can assess the current brand’s strength, consistency, and perception in the market, then recommend strategies for improvement.


  • Assist in naming and creating a new product, offer, and sub-brand strategy.

  • Offer workshops to ensure that employees understand, believe in, and live the brand’s values and promises.


  • Ensure that the brand is cohesively represented in marketing materials, from digital ads to print collateral.


  • Also offer website design, social media branding, email marketing templates, and other digital touchpoints to ensure a seamless online brand experience. (WE DO THIS)


  • Help in creating branded content that tells the brand’s story and engages the target audience, be it through video, graphics, blog posts, or other media.


  • Can provide strategies and tactics to maintain and bolster a brand’s image through brand reputation management.


  • Often track metrics related to brand awareness, perception, and loyalty, providing businesses with insights into their brand’s performance and areas for improvement.

As a branding and marketing agency, we serve as partners in shaping how your business is perceived by your audience. They provide the expertise and tools necessary to communicate the essence of your business, build trust, and foster customer loyalty, thereby driving ROARING success and growth.

Know right away, we are branding agents.

A branding agent (even in a branding and marketing agency) is often referred to as a brand manager or brand strategist. They play a pivotal role in developing and maintaining a brand’s image, identity, and strategy. Their responsibilities are wide-ranging and focus on ensuring that a brand is perceived positively and consistently by its target audience.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Market Positioning
  • Differentiation
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Campaign Creative Development
  • Performance Analysis
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Crisis Management
  • Ongoing Education
  • Collaboration
  • Budget Management

In essence, a branding agent acts as a steward and advocate for a brand, ensuring that its essence is communicated effectively and consistently to foster trust, recognition, and loyalty among your audience.

Because your TIME, ENERGY, & MONEY is valuable. If you value those 3 assets, then hiring a branding and marketing agency is a MUST for your business.

We are firm believers in why branding is important for your business’s long-term and ROARING success. 

If you would like to see more proof, then read our testimonials on these clients that hired us.

If you’re ready to chat with us, let’s talk. This is our link to contact us and schedule an appointment.

However, if you’re not quite sure yet, here’s WHAT to look for:

Look at their portfolios, social media accounts, case studies. Ask yourself, does this team have what it takes to move my business forward in creating a powerfully authentic brand?

Research & Insights
Look at their blogs and explanations over what they say they offer? Is there content backed-up with data? Do they share content that provides thought-provoking consideration?

Look for how they express themselves across ALL platforms? Does it look the same, sound the same, read the same?

Look for the creative innovation they spend in their client’s projects and testimonials, NOT just how impressive they look on their own website. EVEN THIS ONE! What matters most is the work they’ve done for their clients and the creativity spent on creating brands that make an impact.

Time and Resource Savings
Look for the ‘business’ side in a branding agency, NOT just the creative side. Are they meeting their projects on-time? Are they using tools and resources that benefit you?

Objective Perspective
Don’t hire a branding agency from the get-go without knowing a bit about them first. Impressive portfolios shouldn’t just sell themselves. Get to KNOW the team you’re about to partner with, ‘cause in the end, they INFLUENCE your decisions as well as the people on your team. The best branding agents are the ones who value EGOLESS collaboration AND can empower positive change.

Integrated Services
Look for a branding agency that understands the multi-disciplinary parts in your marketing efforts. They should have a network or know how to communicate with various other agencies like Public Relations, Advertising Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Photographers, etc.

Long-Term Strategy
Before hiring a branding agency, ASK them how they approach long-term brand strategy. If you care about your TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY, this part will make a difference. Branding agencies that focus on brand identity focus on the visual long-term aspect. However, they do not focus on the brand strategy side that creates the long-term impact of moving your business forward. You’ll just look impressive. That’s about it.

Crisis Management
Look for how branding agents handle the reputation of their clients. 

For us, we haven’t had any clients in crisis. Whenever that time comes, we will meet with them and handle their situation carefully, and with strategy.

Adaptation to Trends
Look for how branding agencies adapt to an ever-changing market. Don’t just look for the visual trends, but how are they adapting to the economy and consumer-led world we are living in?

Higher ROI
If you value your TIME, MONEY, AND ENERGY, then hire a branding agency that understands business and risk management with creative thinking, while keeping your best interests in mind. Don’t just hire for their creativity alone.

Global Perspective
Look for a branding agency that understands how the world works in making an impact. 

Although we are mainly focused on U.S. based businesses, we have worked with business owners all over the world.

While these are compelling reasons, it’s essential to assess your company’s specific needs and resources before hiring a branding agency. Know your budget. More often than not, you’ll be asked. Ensure that the agency’s expertise aligns with your company’s goals and that there’s good chemistry between you both, as branding is a deeply complex and collaborative process.

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