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Get answers on what isn’t working and what can get better results with our collaborative and eye-opening brand clarity audit.

In your audit, we’ll analyze and give direction on where your brand’s development and marketing should improve.

What is a brand clarity audit and how does this help me?

It’s an assessment of how clearly and consistently your brand communicates its identity, values, message, and positioning across all touchpoints.

This audit helps you

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Your audit will guide you — directing ways to improve your online presence. Let’s make you a roaring success!
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What’s included

Zachy Lenau

Zachy Lenau

Master Brand Strategist

With 25 years of experience in the world of finance and management, Zachy Lenau has provided a unique perspective and ability in creating business solutions for entrepreneurs and corporations.

Skilled in risk management, finding solutions, and exploring creative ideas, Zachy’s sought out by companies looking for help in expanding their reach into new markets or growing their existing audiences.

With a refined, yet powerful approach to innovation and risk-taking, she brings reassurance and assurance to any organization seeking guidance in an ever-changing marketplace.

Nicole Andrew

Nicole Andrew

Brand Strategist & Principal Designer

With over 20 years of experience in branding, marketing, and creative advertising, Nicole Andrew has become a sought-after business solution provider.

Specializing in exploring creative ideas and design efficiencies, she has helped bring success to various brands and delighted audiences with her creative thinking.

Nicole’s known for producing powerful and high-quality results, actively listening, and educating clients on identity and branding.

How This Works

Step 1: Fill out this form.
Step 2: Receive our email with a short questionnaire.
Step 3: Schedule your 45m audit results Zoom call with us.
Step 4: Within 3 business days, we’ll provide you with –

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