We impact your customers, so your business increases.


We impact your customers, so your business increases.

28Lions is a creative branding agency that functions from a different perspective.

We know that your brand’s unique and it’s our goal to uncover the DNA within you so you can influence the world and community around you.

Ultimately Mobile

We come together as a tribe to brand big ideas forward; to capture and rally consumers to the brand they love. (This means yours, of course!)

Lionize Your Brand

Our Process:


Discovery Call

We get to know you then we define, plan, and create goals to a roadmap to success.

Strategy & Brand Design

We research, develop messaging, positioning, and create visual identity to provide a cohesive brand.


Design & Grow

Launch, rollout, and we get to watch your brand be recognized and trusted.

Our Method

Still considering? Partner with us to implement our full process. Remember that we “hand-hold” you through this process. It’s these methods that will bring indecisiveness into bold action.

Sharpen The Vision

An agile process that creates order from the chaos—efficiently and effectively.

Through our brand strategy workshops, our team surfaces the different perspectives and swirling thoughts to solidify unity and cohesiveness. The overall goal will be creating order from the feeling of chaos.

We’ll identify your unique DNA, purpose, voice, differentiators, positioning, and identity pulling them all into alignment.

You will be amazed at how we clear the fog from confusion to a place of certainty, bringing clarity and confidence.

• Unite your leadership team
• Align your brand
• Identify your ideal client
• Outline your brand story
• Define the gap in industry
• Brand consumer insight

Method Sharpen
Method Framework

Build The Framework

A brand strategy developed from the inside-out to bring out the essence first.

28Lions’ strategic approach starts with building a brand framework around that unity and cohesiveness we identified in your workshops. Your business vision and goals will form on this foundation with the brand strategies we bring out.

The goal to this process is to express your culture, define the messaging, voice, and verbalize the brand in an easy manner.

• Purpose & vision clarification
• Frame core values
• Define the who, what, and how
• Claim brand positioning
• Define archetype and client persona
• Brand attributes

Find The Brand Voice

A verbal identity that distinguishes you from the crowd.

28Lions will develop what your brand’s voice will sound like when it speaks. It’s more than mere words here. It’s a guide that changes the language each and every time you and your team speaks.

The goal is to reflect that language through the expression of the words. Funny or serious? Reserved or out-going?

We establish guidelines so the path is clear on your voice.

• Define tone of voice
• Deliver your brand persona
• Completed brand story
• Message key copy themes
• Deliver the voice guideline

Method Voice
Method Identity

Design The Visual Identity

A toolkit that visually guides your total brand experience.

We’ll create a manual that guides you, your team, and others in how to visually maintain your brand’s identity, keeping it cohesive across various marketing materials and platforms. This guide roars life and energy into your brand displaying that unique DNA we surfaced in the workshops.

The goal is to reflect the brand’s strategic objectives, how it differentiates itself from others and surprises and delights its niche’d audience.

• Draft creative brief
• Develop style boards
• Define art direction
• Design brand identity
• Create graphic elements
• Develop brand guide

Create The Big Idea Blueprint

A blueprint of ideas where the message and design takes traction and thrives.

Although we are not an ad or digital marketing agency, we embrace big, creative ideas. We will provide a blueprint of them to simplify the message, showing you what’s possible visually, making it all easily understood and remembered for when the time comes to pursue on-going marketing efforts.

The goal is to make the niche’d audience get surprised and delighted when engaging with your brand.

• Create the blueprint
• Pitch deck of ideas

Method Idea
Method Launch

Launch & Rollout

See from beginning to end the overall brand launch.

We work together with you to implement and coordinate all parts of the project. This allows us for the rollout and launch to stay true to its identity. We often stay with you to bring out and unravel the brand

• Rollout Plan
• Drive launch internal efforts
• Lead internal and external teams
• Deliver on-going assets

Why are we different?

We coach and educate others to bring out treasure hidden deep in identity.

We lead creatively and drive brands forward with creative strategy.

We make it our highest priority to grow, learn, evolve continuously.

We value partnership and run alongside you through every part of the project.

We continually speak in truth, honor, and excellence.

We pursue excellence where quality and integrity comes first.

We work with ingenuity, fierceness, and innovation on every project.

We nurture relationships to thrive through a culture of trust.

We’re Global!

Who is it that we work with?

Small Business Brands

• Start-ups
• Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs
• Freelances
• First Million Founders
• Part-Time Businesses & Side Hustles

Multi-Million Dollar Brands

• National Brands
• Global Brands
• International Companies
• B2B Companies
• B2C Companies

Our Latest Work

Abundance Building Concepts


• Branding
• Pitch Deck Design
• Content Strategy
• Custom Website
• Collateral Design

Aloha Windmill Farms


• Branding
• Content Strategy
• Creative Messaging
• Custom Website
• Email Template Design

NEOS Capital Development Group


• Event Marketing
• eCourse Product Imaging
• Creative Ideation (Big Idea)
• Website Imaging
• T-shirt Design

Kind Words From Our Clients

Our experience with 28Lions exceeded our wildest expectations! I came to them with nothing but ideas and a hideous lime-green slideshow, and they were able to capture the essence of my brand, guide me in best marketing practice, and create a stunning online presence. Their work speaks for itself (check us out at The first thing that struck me about working with 28Lions was their experience and professionalism; investing in marketing for your company is a big decision, and with them I knew I was putting my ‘baby’ in good hands. They over-delivered at every step providing us with amazing return on investment! The team is super responsive, creative, and fun to work with. You can tell they love marketing because they are always up to date on the latest trends and know how to capitalize on them. Our company immediately soared to the level that I dreamed it could, and that would not have been even remotely possible without 28Lions direction! I highly recommend 28Lions!

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