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28Lions takes the stress away in building your business identity by making the branding process reliable, predictable, and profitable for you.

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28Lions takes the stress away in building your business identity by making the branding process reliable, predictable, and profitable for you.

Tell a story your customers will



Target your ideal customers to your business using industry leading solutions.

creative branding

Take control of your brand by giving it meaning, substance, and clarity your audience will connect with.


Visually communicate your value within seconds the unique characteristics of your brand.

Dear Business Creators,

We empathize.

Growing your business is hard.

And like you, we understand the stress and concern over all the decisions you’re faced with in creating the brand of a business:

Should I design my own logo?

Should I start building my website now or get someone to build it for me?

What do I talk about on Facebook and/or Instagram?

Should I design my own business cards?

(**Somebody, please help me!**)

Look, rather than chasing down the next shiny marketing object or squirrel, we recommend taking a deep breath with a long exhale.

And as you breathe deeply, consider the thought of partnering up with a creative branding agency that cares about you personally and your brand.

How truly powerful it is that an agency comes alongside you holding your hand and walking you through a tried and true creative branding process.

Our clients have not only loved our work, but they have benefited from our coaching as well as guiding them along-the-way of strategy, creative branding, and design.

28Lions is a creative branding agency that uses industry-proven strategies to get your brand noticed and positioned in the marketplace:

• The power of storytelling for clear messaging

• Audience targeting for maximum impact

• High-quality design for immediate emotional connection with your audience

We know you want more—freedom, revenue, time, and results to succeed in your business.

Your brand is your roar, but how loud do you want to make it?

Partner up by collaborating with us to

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Our Service Offering

Our work goes way beyond design and copywriting, we build brands at all levels of business growth.

For start-ups and small businesses just starting out.

Brand Identity XPress

Get recognized by choosing one of our many semi-brand identity kits.

  • Brand Mood Board
  • Brand Style Guide with Color Palette
  • Logo - (Main, Alternate, and Sub-mark)
  • Streamlined Affordability
  • Delivered in 7 days or less

(Yep, that’s right, a professional logo for you and all the files that go with it within 7 days.)

For start-ups and small businesses wanting a website—fast.

VIP One-Day Website

Invest for immediate results with a quality foundation ready-made website.

  • VIP Kickoff Call
  • Fast Rollout
  • Fonts & Images
  • Client Support
  • Fonts & Images

(Your need is our pleasure to provide. Get ready to show your brand off online.)

For established businesses that want results and skyrocket growth.

Specialty Branding & Design Agency

Experience a partnership that promises significant impact to your industry.

  • Branding & Rebranding
  • Custom Websites
  • Comprehensive Strategy
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Creative Ideation & Expert Design

(This list gets pretty long, just hit the button to learn more including our approach & process.)

Stop losing business and take back your freedom today.

You’ve needed help for a while now, and you’ve been going back-and-forth on the idea of needing a coach or consultant to help you get through it all.

You’re tired of doing it alone and let’s face it, you’re not seeing much progress.

28Lions is not just a creative branding agency, we are coaches!

And the breakthrough we see are business owners who unlock the potential within and manifest their vision in their life and business.

We offer a solution that is for a limited amount of spots to our 3 month coaching & consulting program.

It’s perfect for those who are serious about growth and getting results.

Achieve your goals with our simplified process

Although we are an up-and-coming agency, we have over 18 years of experience in helping brands grow and become successful. We value your current stage of growth with our simple step-by-step process:


You can choose more than one.
Logo within 7 days
VIP 1-Day Website
Partnered agency
• Coaching (Coming Soon)


Invest on the services you need right on this website. We start the process immediately to bring your vision to life!


Watch your brand grow as your ideal customers see a trusted and recognizable brand.

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We’re Global!

Who is it that we work with?

Small Business Brands

• Start-ups
• Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs
• Freelances
• First Million Founders
• Part-Time Businesses & Side Hustles

Multi-Million Dollar Brands

• National Brands
• Global Brands
• International Companies
• B2B Companies
• B2C Companies

Our Latest Work

Abundance Building Concepts


• Branding
• Pitch Deck Design
• Content Strategy
• Custom Website
• Collateral Design

Aloha Windmill Farms


• Branding
• Content Strategy
• Creative Messaging
• Custom Website
• Email Template Design

NEOS Capital Development Group


• Event Marketing
• eCourse Product Imaging
• Creative Ideation (Big Idea)
• Website Imaging
• T-shirt Design

Why 28Lions?

We’ve poured our hearts into what we do, because to us, it’s not just branding, it’s about you and your story.

The 18+ years has taught us to make every brand we touch real, authentic, own-able, and to say it loud and proud.

This is why we ROAR LIFE into brands.

Branding is a transformation process.

It’s not as simple as it seems especially when you start out, and along the way, we face doubt thinking we could have done better.

That is why we hold your hand through the process pulling out the essence that makes you and your brand great.

Our research shows that people want to feel connected to those they buy from.

Their money now has become more important than ever and they need to know that you care.

And at the center of 28Lions, we care about that human connection, not just with you, but with your audience.

It’s what drives us into delivering value to business owners through branding and strategy, coaching, and design so you can see and experience results.

We Have Limited Capacity

Contact us today for a 100% FREE consultation on our specialty branding and design agency service.

Kind Words From Our Clients

Our experience with 28Lions exceeded our wildest expectations! I came to them with nothing but ideas and a hideous lime-green slideshow, and they were able to capture the essence of my brand, guide me in best marketing practice, and create a stunning online presence. Their work speaks for itself (check us out at abundancebuildingconcepts.com). The first thing that struck me about working with 28Lions was their experience and professionalism; investing in marketing for your company is a big decision, and with them I knew I was putting my ‘baby’ in good hands. They over-delivered at every step providing us with amazing return on investment! The team is super responsive, creative, and fun to work with. You can tell they love marketing because they are always up to date on the latest trends and know how to capitalize on them. Our company immediately soared to the level that I dreamed it could, and that would not have been even remotely possible without 28Lions direction! I highly recommend 28Lions!

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