Savanna & Co.


3 Exclusive Kit Licenses Available

Dive into the world of “Savanna & Co.,” where the untamed spirit of the wilderness melds seamlessly with the opulence of luxury. Nestled in the intersection of boho and luxe, our brand essence resonates with the heartbeats of nomadic wanderers and the sophistication of the elite. Delicate illustrations transport you to vast plains and grand tents, each design an ode to nature and elegance.

The palette evokes an earthy richness: canvas green and dark olive whisper of dense foliage, tigers eye sparkles with a gem-like depth, and undertones of blush and earth yellow sing of sunsets over sand dunes. Cornsilk ties it all together, introducing a touch of serene luminosity.

With Savanna & Co., every glance is an invitation to a luxurious escape, where the heart beats in sync with the rhythm of the earth.

Payment Options

Included in these kits are:

1 Primary, 4 Secondary, ALT, & Submark Logos:

  • Full-Color Logo Files
  • All Black Logo Files
  • All White Logo Files
  • 300dpi (High Resolution) Print-Ready
  • Digital/Web Files (Canva Ready)
  • EPS and AI (working Adobe Illustrator) Files

7 Palette Colors that will be detailed in your style guide. These will your color codes in HEX (ie. Canva), RGB (ie. Canva), and CMYK (ie. Print).

Font links are provided for purchase as well. They are unrelated to the logo font(s), but complimentary to it’s style specifically for web and print use.

2 Pattern Boards filled with various graphic / illustration elements to be used in various marketing efforts. Each element is saved separately in your brand kit.

A Brand Board – This is a summarized representation of what’s in your brand kit so you can see the cohesive brand style at a glance. It helps when planning projects that require any graphics beyond the kit.

Brand Style Guide

  • Logo Usage – Do’s
  • Color Palette
  • Typography / Fonts – Heading, sub-head, paragraph styling
  • Logo Misuse – Don’ts

Some FAQs

A brand kit is a “MUST” “Go-To” tool kit that you’ll use often in marketing your business. Solopreneurs, small-business owners, and marketers WANT this because all the parts of their visual brand identity is in one central place.

Get Consistent: One central reason for having a brand kit is to maintain consistency across all channels and platforms. Whether you’re posting an update on social media, sending out a newsletter, or revamping your website, the colors, fonts, and logos should remain consistent. This keeps your audience looking at the same visual experience wherever they interact with your brand.

Builds Trust: When your audience sees consistent branding, it builds trust. It signifies professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication. Inconsistent branding can confuse your audience, making them unsure about the authenticity of your communication. But a consistent brand image assures them that your communication is genuine and coming directly from your business.

A Visual Representation: Humans are visual creatures. We resonate more with images, colors, and designs than with plain text. The visual elements of a brand kit, like colors, typography, and logo, are the cues that audiences identifies with remembers. These elements become synonymous with the values, emotions, and promises that your brand represents.

Quick Access to Assets: Instead of rummaging through countless folders and emails for the right logo version or color code, a brand kit offers a centralized place for all your branding assets. This not only saves time but ensures that the right assets are used every time.

Easy for Collaborations: If you’re working with external agencies, freelancers, or even new team members, sharing your brand kit can quickly onboard them to your brand’s visual guidelines. This eliminates the back-and-forth, reduces errors, and ensures a seamless integration with your brand’s visual strategy.

Reference Point: Every time there’s a decision to be made about any visual aspect, like designing a new marketing campaign, creating promotional merchandise, or even selecting images for a social media post, your brand kit serves as a reference point. It guides the decision-making process to ensure alignment with your brand’s visual identity.

Sets Boundaries: While creativity is essential, a brand kit also sets certain boundaries to ensure that your brand’s visual identity is not diluted or misrepresented. It offers a clear do’s and don’ts list for anyone working with the brand’s visual components.

A brand kit is a must, especially in a digitally-driven economy. Whether you’re a budding startup, a solo entrepreneur, or a well-established corporation, a brand kit serves as the foundational stone for your brand’s visual identity, making sure that it shines brightly and consistently everywhere.

YES! You’ll have opportunity to edit up to two colors on the color palette once you make your purchase. After we receive your selection, we’ll customize/select the rest of the color palette that best represents your chosen colors.

Everything except the logo font style and fonts (the links we give you).

Your name will get customized using the style you selected.

Your colors, graphics, illustration, and supporting elements will get customized.

Yes. You’ll have opportunity to be specific in your questionnaire. That will be your chance to request a style or graphic element that you’d believe is a MUST HAVE for your visual brand identity.

Keep in mind, we will be reviewing your answers with you during the call.

We also include 1 round of revisions. If there are changes that require work beyond the 1 round, there is opportunity to buy another round of revisions.

Yes, we reserve up to 3 licenses per style. Once a style has been purchased, the detail page will be updated to say (_# of licenses remaining.)

Should you wish to own the kit for it never to be sold again, please email us directly at info@28lions.com.

Yes, we are intentionally thinking of application platforms like Canva, Adobe Express, and others to build a kit using all these elements.

Your bundle will contain all the various files you’ll need to upload into the applications directly yourself.

Yes, you’ll have a chance before we meet to change your answers. 

Changes will be final once we meet.

We will give you the heading/paragraph font links to purchase separately.

Most of the fonts we select will be provided through Google. Google fonts are available for use in Canva.

Yes, you’ll have opportunity to request additional rounds of revisions. Just email us at info@28lions.com and we’ll send you an invoice to purchase another round.

Have any additional questions beyond the ones listed above?

We’d love to connect with you by answering any questions you may have. You can reach out to our info@28lions.com email address.