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A Rebrand Case Study

Solving financial problems that Shopify business women face on an everyday basis.

Kira Holley came to 28Lions because she was ready to grow the business and help more women succeed in the Shopify world. She is known for bringing profits first to the shop owners and providing customized services that allow them clarity and vision in their finances.

28Lions began working with Kira in April 2022 to bring a unified vision and mission to the community she was building. 28Lions guided Heritage through significant brand development and expansion to evolve the business into an online powerhouse.’

Heritage Business Strategies - Case Study

Our work involved owner interviews to understand and hear about the challenges and successes that arise in the industry, as well as the objectives and challenges that the brand had. We facilitated a workshop to collaborate on strategizing and understanding the goals of the brand. We worked on brand exercises that would bring purpose, mission, and vision to life.

Heritage Business Strategies - Logo and Colors

We saw that the two archetypes that would work best for the brand would be Hero and Ruler. We provided language and words that would help the brand feel like it’s magnetizing a certain audience that would resonate with that message. We provided a workshop that was to magnetize the audience and how to speak as a brand.

I wanted to share this Facebook post because honestly, this was super hard to put out there. Recently, I had an epiphany when someone shared 28Lions' 12 Brand Archetypes. It turns out that my brand's main type is Hero. I've got a workshop coming up with them so I can't wait to deep dive into my branding.

But, this little tidbit gave me such huge clarity into how I should structure my content and it kinda gave me permission to be myself. So, I made this post today without any reservations, without trying to solely focus on "pain points" or trying to be like my mentors.

This post is all me and I'm really proud and I can't wait to do more!
Kira Holley, CEO at Heritage Business Strategies
Kira Holley
Heritage Business Strategies

We finalized the brand strategy by creating a clear and unified front for all to hear through voice, messaging, and style. We got to work on bringing everything to life through visuals and brand assets.

The new logo was brought to life through a combination of typography and iconography that was customized to tailor what Heritage stood for as a brand and the audience that it was bringing into its fold.

HBS 7a

The color palette was inspired by the heritage of women that the brand wanted to touch. Being bold, caring, and encouraging women to be their best selves through their businesses, personal lives, and families. The green brought warmth and a sense of nature to the brand which also calls for leaving a legacy for the family as well as bringing wealth into their lives.

The two purple colors were to represent the boldness and confidence of the brand and rooted in standing for royalty and the power of the women who bring forward community and relationships.


Before the rebrand, Heritage didn’t have an identity and a way to call the audience’s attention. After 28Lions established Heritage with a strong visual identity that would position the brand as a leader in the industry. The process energized the company with its focus on its audience and brought the best out of its leader.

Heritage Business Strategies - Old and New Logos
Heritage Business Strategies - Logo Ideas and Logo Refinement

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