A Bookkeeping Brand Strategy Example

Leading Through Generosity

Empowering and Equipping Young Female Business Owners through Clarity and Confidence

Biz Books On Fleek - Mission Statement

Biz Books On Fleek is changing the finance education industry for small business entrepreneurs.

By strongly believing in community and generosity, Biz Books on Fleek leads through generosity, bridging the gap of business financial education for young independent female entrepreneurs. Through community, members can access financial education, tools, and resources so they can build a better future for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

In this brand strategy example, we guided CEO, Robin Angaiak, who is a bookkeeping entrepreneur full of love and generosity!

Type of Service Brand Strategy
Industry Category Bookkeeping Firm
Services Delivered Brand Strategy, Brand Expression,
Brand Direction

The Challenge

Structure a cluttered and unclear vision to authentically and boldly lead a community of young female business entrepreneurs.

The Result

Visionary clarity.

Robin came to us with a vision that was a bit all over the place. Not really sure how to lead her brand, we ushered her into our “Brand Strategy” process and gave structured order out of what felt to her— chaos.

Robin now stands boldly to authentically communicate her vision of Biz Books On Fleek.

What We Did

In this brand strategy example, Robin went through our “Brand Strategy” process; which guides entrepreneurial brands wanting solid branding to lead their business in clarity, boldness, and authenticity. As a result, this strategy ensures a solid foundation for brand expression efforts—brand presence and brand management (marketing).

Biz Books On Fleek - Target Audience
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What Our Client Said...

Robin Angaiak - Testimonial

You can find Robin on Instagram –  @bizbooksonfleek

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Brand Expression

Brand Expression

Brand Guide

Directions & Guide

Our Brand Strategy Process -
what this brand strategy example looks like

Brand Internal Foundation

Our brand strategy process starts with laying down the Brand Internal Foundation. Our agency will guide you to identify your beliefs, vision, commitments (mission), and core values. This helps form a solid foundation for your brand. We guide you through our brand workshops that equip us and empower you to understand the core essence of your business.

Target Audience Research

After establishing your brand’s internal foundation, we dive deep into understanding your target audience: their behavior, preferences, needs, frustrations, and aspirations. We utilize various research techniques to gather detailed insights and data. This comprehensive research guides you in tailoring your offerings to meet your customers’ needs and expectations so that your brand can be more appealing, attractive, and relatable.

Competitors Research

Competitive Research involves a systematic examination of your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses. We guide you through an analysis of their strategies, products / services, pricing, marketing efforts, and customer feedback. By doing this, we can identify opportunities and threats within your market, enabling you to make informed strategic decisions and to help us uncover opportunities for you to stand out and differentiate your brand.

Emotional Insights

With Emotional Insights, we go further down the brand strategy process by delving into your audience’s emotions and psychological motivations that drive their decision-making. We research using consumer psychology and behavioral studies to discover their emotional triggers linked to your brand’s offerings. We’ll guide you to understand how these insights can be leveraged to build deeper connections with them, fostering loyalty to turn them into raving fans.

Gaps and Ideas

The Gaps and Ideas stage involves identifying the unmet needs or underserved areas in the market. Our agency helps you see these gaps as opportunities for innovation and growth. We present initial ideas to start the ideation process discovering with you novel solutions that your brand can offer. By doing so, we empower you to create a unique value proposition that makes your brand stand out in your industry market.

Differentiation Strategy

We then develop a distinction that sets you apart from your competitors. This involves identifying unique aspects of your brand so we can set them apart in all brand communications. Our agency guides you in choosing the most compelling differentiators to design a strategy that highlights them effectively, enhancing your brand’s perceived value and appeal.

Positioning Strategy & Unique Selling Proposition

In this stage, we work with you to craft a unique brand narrative that positions your brand favorably in your audience’s minds. This involves defining how your brand is different (connected with the differentiation strategy above) and superior to competitors and how it addresses the needs and aspirations of your target audience. We’ll support you in developing a concise and compelling brand positioning statement that encapsulates your brand’s unique value proposition to help guide all your marketing and communication efforts.

Have any Questions?

In this brand strategy example, we’ve shown you our proven process, from establishing a solid Brand Internal Foundation to defining a compelling Unique Selling Proposition, we are committed to shaping brands that resonate deeply with their target audience.

We bring together a perfect blend of creativity, research, and strategy to craft solutions that make your brand stand out in the crowd. We’re not just a branding agency; we are strategic partners, committed to your brand’s success.

If you’re looking for an agency partner that truly understands your vision and can guide you through the intricate process of brand strategy, let’s chat.