An Accounting Firm Branding And Marketing Case Study

Abacus Business Solutions

Abacus Business Solutions is an accounting firm brand that provides commercial builders freedom of wealth with their profitability accounting method.

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Abacus Business Solutions, An Accounting Firm Branding Case Study

Abacus is changing the income instability and cash flow issues for commercial builders in the construction industry.

Abacus Business Solutions is an established accounting and consulting services firm that transforms commercial builders in making profits first in their businesses.

With a forward momentum, CEO, Kerry Postel, invested in her accounting firm branding for long-term growth steering Abacus into the right direction for transformational success.

Type of Service Branding/Rebrand
Industry Category Accounting Firm
Services Delivered Brand Strategy, Brand Expression,
Brand Presence, Brand Direction
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The Challenge

Transform Abacus from a generalized bookkeeping firm into an accounting industry leader for commercial builders.

The Mission

Abacus is committed to bringing the highest level of honesty, integrity, education, and best interest at heart for their commercial builder clients to help them know, understand, and trust their numbers.

Abacus Business Solutions - Before and After
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Previous Website

Abacus Became A Roaring Success

28Lions - Brand Mark

What We Did

This brand went through our “Brand Foundation” process; which is the most sought out process for brands that want to have a strong branding foundation. In turn, this foundation ensures future marketing efforts.

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Client Testimonial

Working with you both was so amazing. You made it so easy and clear—helping me through every step of my way.

It was such an amazing experience and I highly recommend Nicole and Zachy.
Kerry Postel
Kerry Postel
CEO, Abacus Business Solutions
Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Brand Expression

Brand Expression

Brand Presence

Brand Presence

Brand Guide

Directions & Guide

All this goes along with a final Dropbox folder with all digital files and instructions on how to use your files. This gives you the ease of use and launch capabilities into all the different platforms.

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